audiovisual experience
for your communication

Odoxo offers the best visual media: video and photo including 360, drone, virtual reality …

Whether to highlight a new product or to promote a place,

Images are a vital ally for your communication and we strive to offer your customers

a unique interactive experience strongly identified with your brand.

We will make you love your image

Hi-Tech creative agency

Audiovisual experience

Our team offers you technical and creative expertise
We are artists. Odoxo also relies on a network of specialists
Do not wait to send us your project ideas


Aerial images
Photography, video, 360, Odoxo services are reaching the sky
Everything is more beautiful from above

Interactive solutions

Enhanced virtual tours, interactive scenarios, dedicated applications
All our tools are designed for maximum compatibility
Use it on all your communication channels


Motion pictures, hyper-lapses, gif ... Our creativity in motion
For your promotional and corporate movies, music videos ...
Making-of for your event

360 video and photography

Allow your customers to find you from all angles
Offer a unique immersive experience using virtual reality
A wow effect guaranteed!


Increasing the value of a building or a natural environment
Advertising photography and photomontage
Customized visuals

About us

Odoxo was born from the meeting of two photographers with different backgrounds, Damien Leleux and Nicolas Bernard.

Damien first worked for Amex where he was quickly given responsibilities due to its strong adaptability and innovation. From a laid-off program, he reacted by a thirst to initiate and create, motivated by a successful experience in project management.
Fascinated by the image and communication with solid references in business photography, Google contacts him to be part of the Streetview program.

Odoxo was created short after meeting Nicolas in order to offer a comprehensive and innovative approach for corporate visual communication as well as institutions.

Damien also created Kaaya, in collaboration with artist Jadikan, offering the same services in a more specific discipline : the lightpainting.

Damien will be your privileged contact for the implementation of your project.

Regarding Nicolas, he provides the technical Odoxo signature.
He worked for ten years in the development of web applications and is at ease to provide tools and other technological innovations.

Over the years, Nicolas has acquired skills in achieving 360 photos and videos, video editing and implementation of interactive solutions.
Since 2010, his taste for the image also leads to the photographic work with a preference for portrait and studio lighting, most likely using fairy universes.

Our expertise and creativity are at your service for a unique and personalized production.

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